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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

parents are the kings give away toys with success

Finding an educational toy that will please parents and delude yourself that the child is not easy . Here are some keys to find that balance .

Christmas lists of children are so long and detailed that many parents are lost when deciding for the gift. The advertising greatly influences children , and commitment of parents in the toy stimulates intelligence sometimes . During childhood toy as such , must serve to entertain and play, and this game should stimulate a child's imagination .

Kings Charter of children

Of all the toys that children ask whatever the parents we buy , you must meet :

    Quality standards of the EC.
    That toy is appropriate to the child's age (see manufacturer's leaflets and labeling ) .
    We must pay attention to toys that can be toxic , easily breakable , flammable , electrical , or presenting a risk to children ( in product or packaging ) .

Parents must ensure that the product quality and adequate. When choosing the type of toy , thinking function, we must consider :

    Give them to children gradually : during the holidays or year. Children appreciate more the different toys and not remain only one or two.
    Talking to children toy : on as is the toy beyond advertising to avoid disappointment .
    Choose the gift as the child's character : if we give him too shy to play nice games with other children , if very hyper, to take their business.
    Give books we give away siemrpe book, even to very young children, to encourage a passion for reading as a game , not obligation.
    Mixing : the whims of the child with educational toys . They do not have to be boring toys can be musical instruments, crafts , building sets , paintings .

We must always check what guarantees we return and exchange the toy does not meet the expectations or damaged .